100 Days of Summer: Day 59

One lie-in (barely) later, and a basic breakfast of toast and jam, we were flight-packing for our airport departure to come. Thankfully our host (a very nice Thai gentleman) was allowing us to store our bags until leaving for Hat Yai Airport so that we could at least have a browse around the town and see if we could find some kind of entertainment.

We walked around for an hour and came across a supermarket and a mall to bide our time in – in Asia even supermarket shopping is kind of fun, as you get to see weird and wonderful products that you don’t get back home, so despite usually hating food shopping we found it kind of fun (plus comparing prices to the UK is always interesting). The mall provided me an opportunity to scope out the Mac makeup and Laura Mercier counter, which I haven’t been able to do since Bangkok.

We ended up being led into a rooftop restaurant by an extremely polite Thai lift attendant, and sat down for lunch with temple views, and a rather comfy seating arrangement. 

Not contented with just lunch, and another slightly exerting walk, an artesian bakery that had caught our eye last night took our fancy.

Its so bad how much we indulge and use food spots to take up our time when we’re in boring places, but honestly sometimes it’s got to be done. We talk about food probably a bit too much, but it’s all part of the experience and the food and drink away from home is noticeably different and worth mentioning. 

Anyway, we planned and zoned-out over coffee and some delicious cakes, then lazily passed the time in our hostel reception area as we waited for our cab.

The flight to Kuala Lumpur was surprisingly (for Air Asia) nice; the plane was kind of empty so we ended up getting a row to ourselves, and some spare baht in tow, we splashed out on an in-flight dinner (what’s the deal with airline food anyhow?).

Cosying down with a hot chocolate, our descent in Malaysia seemed to come around quickly, the bright city lights gleaming through the window.

Getting a taxi, it turned out, was a total pain in the arse – we’ve been told since it’s a ploy to make people spend more money, so arrange your transfers before hand if you can, or get a train (we decided against this as we thought it would be complicated but it’s really simple to use). We spent a fair bit on getting to our hostel, and when we did we could not have been more relieved to see a dorm in our lives! It’s been a long day. 

Keep exploring! 🙂
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