100 Days of Summer: Day 60

First on our list for day one of exploring Kuala Lumpur was the botanical gardens, which were really quite pretty – a lunchtime picnic would have hit the spot just right. We even saw squirrels for the first time in months!

It didn’t take us long to find the KL Butterfly Park from there either. Whilst the many, many species here were absolutely beautiful, and the experience of being surrounded by hundreds of butterflies was lovely (one even landed on my shoulder for a short while), we couldn’t help but feel that more care and supervision (of humans and bugs alike) was required. A few of the butterflies toward the end of the route were missing wings or squashed, and this put a bit of a downer on the whole experience.

Our initial plan was to then go to the KL Bird Park, but walking past and seeing through the fencing gave us a pretty bad vibe (it didn’t look the most caring or ethical either) so we decided to give it a miss and head straight to Little India for lunch (you just have to try a Roti Canai in Malaysia or you haven’t lived!). 

In the afternoon, we wanted to tick off something on many peoples’ bucket list – The Petronas Twin Towers. The towers are indeed pretty cool, and we got some rather good photos – after we shopped until we dropped (ha! I wish!) in the surrounding malls. Kuala Lumpur has honestly some of the best shopping facilities in the east; if you’re a lover of material goods you will struggle to get much better than this in Malaysia and most surrounding countries. 

The Symphony Lake and KLCC Park were also really nice to walk around for a while – for a city, Kuala Lumpur has some lovely green spaces and a laid back vibe that we find really cool.

We got the sky train back to our hotel and made for the rooftop pool and sauna; a relaxing way to see the night in (and we got yet another pool to ourselves!). 

Absolutely shattered after a late night and long day, we planned a takeaway pizza (sometimes Western food has to happen) and a few beers on our balcony and an early night. The first part of this went down a treat as the comfort of a Domino’s while overlooking the skyline made for an accomplished night. However, in true travel fashion, we got talking to some very charming guys in our hostel who invited us to tag along while they got food, of which we did, and it became a very chatty late night.

We have stayed in some absolutely stunning hotels and suites, and we love being able to have a bit of privacy at times, but nothing beats the social aspects that a hostel brings! I suppose as with everything in life, it’s all about balance.

Keep exploring! 🙂 
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