100 Days of Summer: Day 61

An early commute to Central station and a not-so-quick changeover, we eventually made it to Batu Caves, situated just north of the city. The first thing you’ll notice is the tragic amount of steps to get to the top – you can’t possibly skip leg day! 

The main cave was nice (and free) but we also decided to make the most of our time here and paid for a tour of the dark caves, which was really interesting (albeit spooky) and we had fun (when we weren’t trying to avoid the spiders!). 

A brief walk and a train back, we pitstopped at Central for an iced coffee and some window shopping while figuring out a route to take us to the DC Superheroes Cafe (a tip-off from our dormmates that sounded cool!). It was a slight pain in the arse to get to as we got on the wrong train to begin with and ended up changing course so as not to go back on ourselves, but when we finally got there it was totally worth it! They have a merchandise shop with loads of cool t-shirts and figures (but disappointingly, no comics), and then the cafe itself is all geek-ed up, and even the menus and food are packed with your favourite DC characters. FYI, the food didn’t taste half bad either! 

We had quite a lazy afternoon and evening to follow, as we tried to book flights (made difficult by our banks who don’t seem to like us using our cards abroad) and did a huge load of work and research (yawn!). A brief stint out for some tandoori chicken with a dorm mate led to an early(ish) night – which really is needed though, as we have a full day ahead tomorrow, and it’s going to be epic! 

Keep exploring! 🙂 
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