100 Days of Summer: Day 62

I’m starting to get the feeling we’re never going to make it to Bali. Our anniversary is on the 23rd, and we wanted to spend it somewhere romantic, so the (loose) plan was always to celebrate in either Phuket or Bali depending on how the trip panned out. Phuket came and went in an underwhelming flash, so Bali was the goal.

It’s our own fault really – we could have planned things a lot better and a lot sooner, but for various reasons we were starting to think we may have to go home this week; so we found ourselves last night trying to get flights to Denpasar and it just did not work. 45 minutes into a phone call with the bank established that our cards were not the problem.

We tried again this morning for different flights and different airlines and it’s becoming a mystery at this point but we cannot seem to book flights out of here. So it looks like we are going to have to be contented with Sunday in KL. Which isn’t such a bad thing – regardless of where we are in the world, we are blessed to be able to travel and see such amazing things (and do it all together), but on the other hand we have kind of seen most of what Kuala Lumpur has to offer. It’s just a big city, really. I suppose we’ll have to try and book flights again tomorrow.

We spent the morning by the pool with a new friend (and in the sauna) trying to unwind after brain fog from being on the internet for hours at a time. Then we hopped to KFC for a famous ‘Double Down’ Burger; the burger that is so good we aren’t allowed it in the UK in case we enjoy it too much.

Shortly following this, we got to the Berjaya Square Amusement Park for some cheap thrills – perhaps not the best idea on a full stomach! We went on a few rides, and braved the huge indoor rollercoaster, but in all honesty we were kind of bored after an hour. A lot of the rides and attractions are geared toward younger children than anything else. 

We did a little shopping in the Berjaya Mall – a couple of souvenirs while we waited for Josh to get his glasses fixed by probably the nicest opticians ever (charged us under a quid, cleaned mine for free, and absolutely refused to take a tip). Trying to find a postcard proved the most problematic – Kuala Lumpur supposedly don’t feel the need to sell them. We were told China Town was the place to get them – and luckily we were planning on going for dinner anyway (though not before a little nap, and introductions to our latest dorm mate).

China Town, despite it continually coming up in conversation, was kind of rubbish. Petaling Market sold the same knock-off crap as almost every tourist market we’ve been to, the food and drink outlets all shut super early, and it isn’t the friendliest of neighbourhoods. A total flipside compared to the China Town in Bangkok.

Our plan was to go to Bar Street in the evening (girls drink free!) but we hadn’t eaten and had spent so much time faffing trying to get across town that we gave up, got a Roti Canai near our hostel and hit the hay.

Keep exploring! 🙂
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