100 Days of Summer: Day 63

Not content with settling for our anniversary, Josh woke up absolutely determined to find some way of us flying to Bali, despite the last few days worth of problems. He went off in search of an airline office and left me to come up with a decent plan B, which I was eventually contented with. That is, until about an hour later and no sign of Josh, I got a flight confirmation email from Air Asia. Two tickets KL to Jakarta, then two Jakarta to Denpasar. We’re finally going to the place of my dreams, and it’s all thanks to Josh!

Of course, this meant a crazy half hour of bag-packing, hostel-booking and a mad dash to the airport to make our flight with only 3 hours notice. Having not eaten all day, we (naughtily) opted for a McDonald’s as it was quick and cheap (for an airport anyway), and made it to our gate in plenty of time.

See you later Malaysia, you’ve been wonderful! 

We left with blue skies, fell asleep for an hour and a half, and woke up to a stunning sunset over the bay of Jakarta. We finally made it to Indonesia! 

After an absolute nightmare getting a taxi from the airport (they absolutely make it as hard as possible), but lucky enough to end up with a wonderful driver who made us feel incredibly welcome, we checked into a gorgeous little hostel in the prettiest little neighbourhood that reminded us of the posh townhouses back home in London.

We made friends with a nice British couple, and they showed us where the best hawker stalls were to eat. No idea what we were putting in our mouths, we ate half an incredibly spicy plate of food and decided to call it a day.

On the way back, our newfound friends suggested going to a pool hall down the road – which turned into a long walk exploring and an even longer wait in an overpriced bar, all the hopes of playing doubles at a game I truly suck at. After 45 minutes of waiting, and a couple of rude staff members, we returned to the hostel to crash out for the night (in the comfiest beds in the east, I might add). Sweet dreams all.

Keep exploring! 🙂 


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