100 Days of Summer: Day 64

A rather unsociable breakfast surrounded by some noisy cliques who did nothing but eyeball us up and get in the way of us trying to get a cup of coffee, we weren’t the most enthusiastic about exploring Jakarta when leaving the hostel.

Our first stop was Fatahillah Square; part of Jakartas’ Old City, containing several museums and, it turns out, not a tourist to be found. We explored, people-watched for a while, and spent precious Rupiah on the most expensive coffee you’ll find here, then we headed away from the square toward the supposed ‘happening’ part of town.

We stumbled across lots of people dressed up as various statues and characters in the streets of Old Batavia, including a guy who looked like a toy soldier from Toy Story.

Which, after a long walk (just over an hour in the blistering heat), turned out to be just as touristy as Fatahillah. It was absolute bliss. The place [the city] itself is kind of boring, and there isn’t much going on here, but the fact that it doesn’t pack people in like a sardine can is a rare commodity in Asia. The National Monument was pretty cool, we mostly just sat next to it and chilled after our walk, before going to the National Museum. The thing we noticed more than anything about the lack of foreigners here is that so many people want to say hello to you or take your picture – it’s like being foreign means being famous!

We got a cab back to near our accommodation, stopping at a place called Ubud Spice for a bite to eat! Some incredible food and drinks later, we briskly walked back to get our luggage, charge our phones and order an Uber.

The airport check-in and boarding was mostly uneventful, as was the flight to Bali (other than a couple that just decided to sit in our seats because they turned up late so didn’t get seats together).

On arriving at Denpasar airport, our transfer wasn’t there yet, so we had to wait around a while for the driver (who turned out to be a taxi driver who had no idea where our hotel even was, so we could have just jumped straight in a normal cab, but oh well) and it took about an hour to get to our accommodation as we got lost a couple of times, but when we finally checked in we were given the comfiest bed and the nicest shower we could ask for, so we went to bed fairly happy – and after all, we have made it to Bali when we thought we might not.

Keep exploring! 🙂 


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