100 Days of Summer: Day 65

23rd July: our first anniversary! We took a bit of a break from social media the last few days (and our phones in general) to focus on time with each other and celebrating our special day, which was wonderful and magical, and we couldn’t have asked for more. I will, however, try and leave out all the soppy bits that I’m sure you don’t want to read.

We slowly woke up to the sound of Balinese chimes – it turns out an atypical start to the day here. Despite Denpasar being the centrepoint of Bali, we didn’t feel much like we were in a city or a built-up area, and we sipped coffee surrounded by trees and fish ponds and ducks waddling around. Despite travelling around various parts of Asia for the last two months, and seeing a lot of the same sort of things, Bali already seems to have different vibes than anywhere we’ve been.

We got a lift into town for a light stroll and fantastic lunch at a place called the Porch Cafe (which Josh chose not only for its’ similarity to my surname, but also because of some exceptional reviews).

After letting our food get down, we walked not too far to Sanur Beach; our first look at the Lombok Strait! We are fortunate enough to be here at the right time for the Bali Kite Festival – and the hundreds of kites over the beach looked honestly beautiful, like nothing we’ve ever seen.

While we were there, being the beach bum that I am, I couldn’t resist dipping a toe in the ocean – which turned into an hour of paddling along the shore and watching the world go by. We were certainly kept entertained by the kite-surfing, fisherman and locals as they went about their days on this vibrant coastline.

We ordered a taxi while getting stuck into an iced coffee, and awaited our ride to Ubud – just north-east of Denpasar. The journey went smoothly and our driver was pretty friendly (something we’ve been quite lucky with here in Indonesia so far), and we did have a cheeky nap on route.

We checked into a gorgeous little villa overlooking the pool, and smugly patted ourselves on the back for this find (hours of research went into our decision!). Having not had a pool for at least two days (oh the horror!), our anniversary (or any Sunday, really) would not be complete without a pool afternoon.

Nestled among the Ubud rice terraces, we sun-bathed, swam and drank cocktails as the sun set overlooking the plantations; my favourite sunset yet.

After a long shower, Josh got our balcony prepared for dinner while I decided to put on makeup (for the first time in a while) and sport a dress. Neither of us were quite suit and tie, but we’ll certainly do 🙂

We ate a delicious candlelit dinner, accompanied with a bottle of red, under the stars, and we talked the night away without distraction. We fell asleep watching a movie, and counting our blessings; Josh promised we would make it to Bali for today and we did, but not only are we here, we have been surrounded by nature, beauty and each other’s company – what more could we ask for?! 

Keep exploring! 🙂 


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