100 Days of Summer: Day 66

Expecting the comedown from yesterday’s magic, we woke up to peace, quiet and maximum comfort and decided to cancel the early morning yoga session we had booked. How could anyone leave a bed like this!?

We promised ourselves we would get up at 10 to maybe go and do something productive, but we couldn’t really find an excuse to get out of bed – we’ve been needing some proper rest for a while.

When we eventually emerged from our villa, we had lunch and drinks by the pool, a little swim, and skyped a friend back home for an hour.

Our transfer to Ubud centre came early evening, and it felt a little like the bubble we had been in for the last two days had been popped, as it was no longer just the two of us. It was, however, nice to actually see main Ubud and discover some neat little places.

After some great gelato (we always find the cutest gelato places!), and a look around the boutiques, we went to the Ubud Monkey Forest for a while. It was clear to see early on why it was such a huge tourist hot-spot; the plant life and animals surrounding you here make you feel connected with nature, and I have never seen anything more adorable than a baby monkey cuddling and nuzzling into its’ dad. It was a special moment that only the two of us were around to see.

After leaving the sanctuary, we went for a glass of wine, and finally decided to try a Rendang curry – a staple here in Indonesia. Not fans of anything overly spicy, we were impressed with the flavour of the food but red-in-the-face over the chilli-heavy throat-burn. Either we had some bad luck and chose a place that like to overdo it on the spices, or we are bigger babies than we initially thought (more than likely both!). Alongside some traditional spring rolls, we did manage to finish the plate, but lots of water was required.

We got a transfer back to the hotel and by this point it was close to midnight and sleep was on the cards. Glad to have made it to central Ubud, we have a much better feel for the place now, though it is a shame we are leaving tomorrow as an extra day or two would have been bliss.

Keep exploring! 🙂 


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